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  • 春的季节英语作文

    The voice in the north is always late, and now have to march, but still with bare. Yuanwang tall poplars, except a piece of yellow, not again a little life; View, only the roadside a few evergreen tree, with a thick layer of dust, revealing a little green pine.

    A long winter! No temper, I gathered XunChun pace.

    First look at the pear tree in the courtyard, on the branches of taupe, take a lot of small bract. What is this? It is the future of flowers and leaves. Them in small breeds of bract, just waiting for a night of spring breeze blowing, stretching, together they give people an unexpected surprise. I seem to see a large variety of a big variety of pear flower blooming, the Snow White, send out a fragrance. Spend the frolicking with a swarm of bees, dance for flowers.

    Leaned forward, will find traces of winter - pieces of yellow. You might sigh: "the grass is really unfortunate!" Yes, looking at the stem broken branches off the grass, who will have a good mood? But, I opened it the yellow jacket, but more novel finding: hey! It is green! The original appearance of yellow grass also gestates beautiful spring!

    Spring is coming, let our thoughts to fly in this beautiful season!







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