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      以家庭生活为话题的高中英语作文篇1  My Family  Hello,everyone! Today I'm very glad to tell you about my family. I have ahappy family. There are four people in it. They are my father、my mother、mylittle brother、and I.My father is working in anther city.He is so busy that hehas no time to come back to see us. We miss him very much. My mother is ahousewife .Every day,she cooks delicious meals and does a lot of housework.Mybrother and I are both students.We work very hard.  In my family ,there are lots of happinesses around me.I love my family!  以家庭生活为话题的高中英语作文篇2  I was born in an ordinary family, but it is very warm. My father is a clerkin a company. And my mother is a housewife. Every weekday morning my father willgo to work and goes back in the late afternoon. And my mother will get up earlyto cook for us and then pick me up to school. Then sometimes she will do somecleaning and sometimes she will do something she likes. She will pick me upafter school and then cook the dinner. After dinner, my parents will teach me tofinish my homework and then we will watch TV together. At weekend, usually wewill go out for family activity. I love my family.  以家庭生活为话题的高中英语作文篇3  My name is Yu Geqin. I’m nine years old. There are three members in myfamily, my father, my mother and I.  My father is a teacher. He is very handsome. He always wears a pair ofglasses. He works very hard. He’s busy from morning to night. He’s the cleverestman of my family. He can solve the difficult problems, too.  My mother is very beautiful. She has two big eyes and her black hair islong. My mother is worker. She is good at her job. She is also a goodhousewife.  I have a happy family. I like it very much.  以家庭生活为话题的高中英语作文篇4  Look! This is my family. It’s a big and happy family.  This is my father. He’s a doctor. He’s strong and cool. He likes painting.He always plays with me at home. The woman in black is my mother. She’s anEnglish teacher. Her English is very good. She like her students and herstudents like her, too. She’s tall and quiet. She likes shopping. She often buysnice clothes for me. My aunt is a driver. She has long hair and big eyes. Shelikes shopping, too. And this is my uncle. He’s a worker. He’s strong and tall.Books are his good friends. Look at this lovely girl! Who is she? Ha, Ha! It’sme. I’m a cute girl. I’m tall and a little fat. I’m a student. I like reading,singing. dancing and acting. I’m going to be a hostess.  This is my family. I love my family.  以家庭生活为话题的高中英语作文篇5  I love my family very much. My father is very busy. Everyday, he must work.He always sleeps at home. Sometime, we can have lunch and supper with him. Mymother is a housewife. She cooks for us everyday. My older sister is different.She is a middle school student. Sometimes, she is lazy. Sometimes, she islaborious. It depends on her mood. She is very strange. My younger brother isvery good. He studies hard. He is very thoughtful. My older sister and myyounger brother like music and chat. I’m a girl. I study at Daxin PrimarySchool. I’m in Grade Five. I love studying. This is my family.家庭生活高考英语作文精选5篇

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